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The most refreshing and hottest zombie game of the year must be Zombie Hell! Accurately grasp the pulse of the current game market, aimed at the world's most popular zombie theme, won more than 5,000,000 downloads since launched. Zombie Hell has been entrenched in eye-catching position of the zombie shooter game list. The player's enthusiasm for the game like the protagonist’s will to live, never fade!
Your town is devoured by Zombies without any signs. Hundreds of infected citizens wander on the street to find preys. The hero separates with his dearest daughter in turmoil. So, please be brave to help him rescue her as well as other citizens.
Zombie Hell is an action game with blood-shedding scenes. All creatures are destroyed by radiation. You have no choice but to fight with Zombies, devils and monsters.
Don’t be hesitating. Take up your weapons and shoot these devils courageously. . Explosive killing mode of Zombies and attractive plot won’t let you down!

★Wonderful experience attracting you with free control and various actions
★Numerous weapons and advanced equips
★Bazookas, flamethrowers and other weapons are all available
★Breathtaking 3D graphics
★HD realistic graphics and high standard CD game sounds
Splendid visual effect and blood boiled battle with Zombies!!!
Now, your hometown is suffering from devils. 
Be a hero. Fight bravely and rescue your compatriots instantly!!!
Each unique scene with endless fun and challenge
Mystery brings about attractive combat
Gorgeous scenery with 3D space sense
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