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A First person shooting game with amazing gameplay!
Just kill all zombies! High playability with beautiful graphics and great sound. If  your own is a big fan of zombie game or your phone which is also a lack of a zombie game, then quickly download and experience it!
As a game with more than 1,000,000 players, it will let you fully experience a killing era. This is a world full of zombies – the graveyard of human. With the spreading of virus, vaccine and you are the last hope of the world..You must kill all zombies and monsters for survival. Go all out sending them to completely death.
  The classic first-person shooting game, with virtual buttons to control characters’ movement, and click on the fire button will automatically shoot the zombies nearby. There are more than one hundred levels, dozens of zombies and scene maps waiting for you to challenge! You need to get a powerful gun fire, and upgrade it as much as possible. As you will face more and more powerful zombies, some have a strong defense capability, some have fast moving speed, and reasonable switch weapons used can help you live longer! The game offers nearly 20 kinds of firearms, including pistols, sniper rifles, rifles, machine guns, flamethrowers, etc. You can equipped with four kinds of weapons at the same time.
   The game not only can upgrade weapons, but also can unlock more powerful roles. Initially you will get a battle-hardened Special Forces soldier, then you can also unlock the same virus enhanced mutant and upgrade it through precise marksmanship degree, defense, speed, endurance and other aspects!
The graphic is delicate yet gorgeous, rendering the scene very well. In the doom-ridden zombie world, you will identify with the feeling of lonely and helpless!

★★★★★Various weapons
★★★★★Differed upgrade strategies
★★★★★Multi-types of monsters
★★★★★Multiple play modes
Zombie virus continues to spread, vaccine research is the last hope. Bring your weapons, have a try!
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