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Experience extreme driving and win fame & honor in racing!
It is a furious racing game, select your favorite car to challenge ultimate racing. Compete with friends or challenge players around the world to win fame & honor!
The beautiful snowland, romantic beach and bustling city, all are perfect in front of you. Ultra high quality graphics with decent racing details bring you best 3D racing experience with speed and enthusiasm!
You will be omnipotent in the game with no fear. More risks means more rewards. You can buy anything you want with the coins. Unlock your dream car, upgrade and refit it as you like!

It’s all about speed featuring unique Bullet time. You can make a perfect drift at turn if in fast speed. Don't miss this game. It’s the best of its kind!

★★★★★Beautiful 3D graphics
★★★★★Tap to accelerate
★★★★★Release to slow down
★★★★★Auto speed ups
★★★★★Top racing brand
★★★★★Rich props
Real Furious Racing 3D,
It is a furious racing game!
Select your favorite car to refit and upgrade to complete furious & speed racing!Download Real Furious Racing 3D now to enjoy exciting top speed drifting and furious racing!
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