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Plunk! The Marble Game is the best pinball game ever. Gently shaking the phone, you can enjoy a quiet and happy anywhere!
  Inspired by handcrafted puzzles, each Plunk! level challenges you to navigate gorgeous marbles through a wooden labyrinth. Tilt your phone or tablet in all directions and use gravity to roll the marbles past holes and into their targets.
 The first levels will test your hand-eye coordination as you maneuver one marble around, between and sometimes over fiendishly placed holes. Afterwards, the difficulty escalates as two, three, four or more simultaneous marbles force you to come up with increasingly complex plans.
Do you have strong sense of balance? Are you self-confident about controlling it yourself?
Dare you challenge this game?
It has many well-designed stages,challenge the limit of gravity!
There are more than 5,000,000 players, you will definitely crazy for it as well.
Plunk! The Marble Game is a 3D puzzle & adventure game. Players need control the ball to move to its destination avoiding falling. There are many stages in this game; and each stage has different method to pass. Do you want to challenge yourself? Come on!
Educational and entertainment combined perfectly, every challenge is not in the same way
Gorgeous visuals, smooth game playing experience, perfect sense of gravity performance
Appropriate background music make you more into a sense, and relax yourself at the same time
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