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 Crazy Zombies are coming! Rise up, heroes, to defense zombies in bloody war! On the background of bloody war, the game is a pefect blend of RPG and PLZ with classic zombie theme and creative strategic gameplay.
Zombie virus is spreading all over the city. Human civilization is gradually being eroded. Take up weapons to defense zombies for survival and honor!Enlist strong heroes from survivals to group a elite troops to drive away and exterminate zombies.

Facing large numbers of bloody zombies, tacit teamwork will be a great favor in the war.Strengthen your hero to deal with various evolving zombies. Along with the evolution of the virus, all types of dreadful zombies and mutants are emerging in endlessly. Your hero has no other choice but to become stronger to face them.  Developing vaccine and searching for fresh food will strengthen your hero.
 Challenge all kinds of maps, collect poweful equips and invite super heroes to join your team to make your team stronger! Even facing tens of thousands of zombies, a rationally organnized team would have nothing to fear! This online game allows you to challenge worldwide players.
Alliance: Ally with other survivors squad, share technological achievements and combat experience , confront against zombie army hand in hand!
 Confront: Resource is in shortage at the end of war. If necessary, you can rob resources from other survivors squad as long as you’re powerful enough. 
Ranking: This is the war of all humans against zombies! Each survivor who makes a significant contribution to the war, will be worshipped and obtain the highest glory!
★★★★★Exciting story
Hot zombie-themed, end of world background, what should the survivors squad do in this broken world?
★★★★★Amazing graphics
Exquisite graphics, crumbling walls and dilapidated houses, giant zombies with great visual impact, all will be displayed via mobile screens.
★★★★★ Various zombies
Citizens zombie, prisoner zombies, Samurai Zombies, Firemen Zombies, Scholars zombie and more for you to explore
★★★★★ Powerful equipment
A powerful hero cant be invisible without equip. With advanced technology and equipment, you can turn your enemy into fly ash in seconds and gain the admiration of other survivors.

 The end of the world is coming! Go forward, heroes, for tomorrow’s sunup!
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