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The most popular zombie theme, with the most refreshing shooting gameplay and the highest graphics, more than 5,000,000 downloads is the biggest affirmation for this game!
The game screen is very cinematic, scenes are full of horror film atmosphere! War filled environment plus the flying leaves on the street create a stunning sense of tension. The creepy zombies with intense music rendering, challenge your mental capacity
You need to defend your base and stop the invading zombies.
Pay attention to the blood volume on the top right screen. With little attention you may come to grief on the spot due to the huge number of zombies! The operation is simple and convenient, especially the aimed sight is very large, so you can shooting target precisely. And even if fighting alone, you still be able to experience a sense of the ultimate shooting refreshing!
Just come on and have a try! You must be attracted by this challenging game!
★★★★★delicate scenes and graphics
★★★★★lifelike music effects
★★★★★splendid game design
★★★★★Easy to play!
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