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  • Convenient compass Enter

    Open the compass that can be used.

    Without the need for the two calibration, open the eight direction of the compass can be positioned. For you clearly marked the use of common, as well as the calculation of the angle of the function.
    Support for GPS precise positioning, for your travel escort.

  • Game link Enter

    Gamelink is a game based resource push software, you want to know everything about the game can be found here.

    Every day we offer you the most popular game.
    A group of the most eye-catching COS beauty of the eye.
    Every day a group of the most explosive game news.
    Also to service to every player. We also specifically for players and friends provides the gift of a large number of popular games, as long as a little easier, all diamond treasure box can income bursa.
    Now get the gamelink, and the game of the world to go closer, so easy to accompany you to every corner.

  • Happy lock screen Enter

    [new DIY lock screen officially launched, the lock screen background, clock, unlock mode, weather, all parts are supporting custom modifications! ]

    This is the first of the most interesting game lock screen
    This is the first of the most free DIY lock screen
    This is the most practical lock screen
    We love freedom and unique life. We hope that each person's mobile phone is unique, we hope to bring you the most simple happiness.
    1, we insist on a new lock screen every day, so you have a new experience every day
    2, firearms, animation, beauty, science and technology...... We are constantly trying to provide you with more interesting content
    3, we try to add more games on the lock screen
    4, the costs of electricity and fun. As many as hundreds of technological innovation, to help you save your mobile phone battery.
    5, more fun to unlock? No problem. We're designing every day!
    6, provide the most secure and strong privacy protection. Our lock screen is not only fun and safe
    7, for the Samsung Galaxy series phones, LG series phones, Nexus series phones for a number of optimization
    Please note:
    1, safety and protection of privacy is our most important mission
    2, the necessary authority to apply, is to give you a better and more convenient service, we will never steal your privacy
    3, recommended in accordance with the software tutorial settings, so as to give you a better and more secure service
    4, Locker Joy, a new experience every day.

  • Portable tape recorder Enter

    The most portable recorder, easy to operate, powerful.

    This is a very lightweight high quality sound recorder, with a strong one key recording, pause recording, custom memory function.
    Can have stored audio files to repeat the editing, audition and management.
    Our software package body is very small, not even temporarily you a picture of space, but with an inexhaustible well function.

  • Two dimensional code scanning Professional Edition Enter

    Two dimensional code professional edition is a tool for the use of two-dimensional code scanning, commodity bar code scanning, record management.

    We not only support the common code QR, barcode.
    More professional support Matrix EAN8, Data, EAN13, Code39, UPCA, UPCE and other similar products are difficult to have the professional barcode scanning.
    In the use of two-dimensional code or shopping at the same time, the product will be aligned with the two-dimensional code scanning, you can understand the details of the two-dimensional code behind the information.
    We can support: text, contact, contact information, contact information, WiFi network information, text messages, Email, commodity bar code records and processing.
    Is a necessary service to the life of the essential products.

  • Life saving torch Enter

    "Life flashlight" emergency response to a variety of emergency explosion proof flashlight adds even more International SOS rescue special light frequency, life security escort for the user.

    Multiple frequency, flash explosion
    SOS, the international rescue signal
    The screen and camera lights with light,
    Combined with each other, and a key on the desktop plug-in
    More exciting, waiting for your mining function

  • One key alarm clock Enter

    "One key alarm clock" the fastest, most colorful, the most professional interface design, will be loved by the majority of users.

    The beautiful music and gradient will wake you from sleep, nap time reassuring guarantee lets you get up on time, which is personality who is most in need of private customizable alarms.
    The alarm clock, music, choose your most loved music
    , the volume increases, the alarm volume increased slowly
    Random, alarm
    Take a nap, automatic
    Automatic stop alarm,
    The built-in timer,
    There's more,

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